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  1. After 10 years as a corporate merchandising manager in the health food industry, I can still hear the cries from the minions seeking their factory-farmed hormone-antibiotic laden meat because it’s cheaper and more tender than healthy grass-fed meats and free-range eggs. I’ve seen the ones with the jitters, you know Jonesing for their laboratory made Big Gulp soda before breakfast, but it’s okay because it’s diet. I’ve witnessed the rolled eyes because the person sitting next to me in the break room thought the sprouts on my sandwich was, well, you know – weird. The person getting their mid-morning cup of tea with a teaspoon of honey that didn’t care about Colony Collapse of pollinators – no pollinators=no flowering fruits or vegetables, so they go home after work and use commercial fertilizers on their laws and spray roundup to kill weeds because their neighbors have manicured lawns and they don’t want to be an outcast. I’ve seen people with arthritis, diabetes, cancer and those choosing invasive and supposedly preventative procedures because they have been manipulated into believing there are no alternatives that work – their doctors know, you know the ones educated in medical school that are funded by Big Pharma?

    People WILL knowing eat that laboratory meat – those same people who put down SPAM. Ironic, isn’t it.

  2. Could someone help me find the funding sources for this group?

    They may use global warming to rationalise this lab-grown-meat-lookalike, but they will use the viral scare to decimate existing livestock. They have been preparing this for a while IMO, by forcing farmers to slaughter perfectly healthy animals because of infections of fear of infection.


    Where I live in Europe, the government is announcing “poultry lockdowns” because of avian flu. How long before they force their way into my garden to take my hens? The neighbors could denounce me!

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Like the old classic Outer limits intro…
      “There is nothing wrong w/ your television[entrainment is a feature].
      Do not attempt to adjust the picture[we see you/hear you just fine/smart tv].
      We are now controlling the transmission[liquid nanobots in your injections]
      We can deluge you w/a thousand channels[frequencies, like the killer 5G]
      We control the horizontal[mind control]
      We control the vertical[weather]

    2. Maybe you should get another hen or two and start gifting neighbors with a few eggs and tell them the names of the hens … Nancy and Penelope send their regards! Invite them to visit your pets and show them pictures of cute baby chicks. Fight fire with fire.

      1. They did list their notable investors, that include:
        Bill Gates, Richard
        Branson, Jeff Bezos, Tyson
        Foods, SoftBank, Tamarak,
        Cargill, and many more
        sophisticated technology
        and agricultural investors
        are supporting the space.

  3. Besides illustrating how utterly inhuman and deranged our “elites” are (as if we needed more proof!), this shows their insatiable lust for monopolistic control of everything. I guess patenting, monopolizing, and inducing the plebs to eat carcinogen-soaked Franken-plants isn’t enough for them.

  4. Sounds like they may be planning “animal” meats for space travel. It’s too difficult to carry chickens, pigs, cattle, fish on a space trip. But, it may just be gmo’d to totally control all of us.
    I will never trust their “meats”. Could be people.

    1. This was my 1st thoughts as well.
      It sounds like a society wide space based food experiment.
      Coupled with whatever their intent is with the quakcines and population control, this all could be the early stage of preparations for a multi generational trip through space to wherever.

  5. “This is the latest,” said Crake.
    What they were looking at was a large bulblike object that seemed to be covered with stippled whitish-yellow skin. Out of it came twenty thick fleshy tubes, and at the end of each tube another bulb was growing.

    “What the hell is it?” said Jimmy.

    “Those are chickens,” said Crake. “Chicken parts. Just the breasts, on this one. They’ve got ones that specialize in drumsticks too, twelve to a growth unit.

    “But there aren’t any heads…”

    “That’s the head in the middle,” said the woman. “There’s a mouth opening at the top, they dump nutrients in there. No eyes or beak or anything, they don’t need those.”

    From Oryx and Crake, by Margaret Atwood

    1. Excellent. Let’s just hope the Handmaid’s Tale doesn’t arrive anytime soon. I read that when it first came out and I wouldn’t get a debit card when digital money become dominant. I can only suggest, buy local!

  6. I wonder whether the rash of recalled food products is not part of the campaign to eat the safer, more bug-friendly alternatives being proposed.

  7. I just wondering what are these idiots are stoning themselves out with. Unfortunately, this sounds like an article from The Onion but it’s too depraved to be satire. Whoever are behind this idea should be put down like the rabid dogs they are.

  8. Robert Barricklow

    The Future of Food has only one type of customer: captive.
    No one would voluntarily eat any of their products, unless literally starving.
    Looks like Webster had not only to change the definition of vaccine;
    but, natural foods as well. Webster is very busy keeping up w/the Davos Nazis.
    The good news? Future foods will cost fractions of what normal foods do.
    The bad news? Next to nothing in calorie/proteins. Unless their insects, which are suffering a population collapse. But, bugs are now being sucked down; instead of the other way around.
    For taste, the only requirement; is an imagination beyond belief.
    Of course, in eating future foods; unconsciousness is a plus.
    But, don’t worry; self-deception is inherent in human beings.
    Have you ever tasted honey w/o bees?
    If you haven’t done so as yet; count yourself lucky for, a damn change.
    However, if your inherent self-deception is on par w/the CEO’s of Future Food’s, your going to love the robo-bees metallic honey after taste.
    Granted, it is an acquired taste.
    Eat Just Inc., is exclusively advertised on RT’s/Eat The Press, weekly show.
    Singapore’s self cultured chicken meat taste like rattlesnake, poison that is.

    White Rabbit [8:30]

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Future Food is a world renown leader in the sustainable wannabe food, CO2 hoax; I mean, in the make-believe, Disney Fantasy Lands of food laboratory sustainable synthetic slimes.
      Blackrock & Vanguard will buy up all the farm land and remove the cow, pigs, lambs, chickens, and more – to pave the well intentioned road the plant-based monopoly food, being built molecule by molecule. And, your potions will be molecular in quantity; w/a insect quality protein base paste.
      Once you eat our patented food and slimy meats; your ours for life.
      These terms of agreements; are not eatable, nor can they be excreted.
      Side effect are very minimal, whose lists can be read w/in a half hour – tops!

  9. I’m not fully sold on the predictive programming theory, but I do find it worrisome that ‘Soylent Green’ took place in 2022. If we are eating GMO bugs next year, it might be an improvement over what their plan used to be.

  10. So I had a couple of minutes free and looked up the first company on the website
    and a co founder is
    Quote “Elize has her Doctorate in Conservation Education. Her doctoral study took her to Uganda in central Africa and Borneo in the far-east. She has over the past decade worked on higher education training programmes focusing on behavioural change methodologies…. “

  11. GMO scorpions that taste like lobster and are the size of small dogs! GMO spiders the size cats that taste just like snow crab! Would you have vinella or chocolate flavored cockroach excrement as your desert?

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