Cosmic Warfare


January 13, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well-known proponent of "exopolitics," i.e., the politics and policy-formation of any matter relating to UFOs and potential contacts with extraterrestrials, Dr. Michael Salla, has posted an interesting article on an up-coming expolitics and contact conference hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia here:

World Business Leaders to Discuss UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life

It's worth reading that opening paragraph again: "A leading business forum discussing global competitiveness will in its annual conference host a panel discussing UFOs and extraterrestrial life. The Global Competitiveness Forum is hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and discusses business trends and insights essential for future business investment and competitiveness. The panel is titled: “Contact: Learning from Outer Space”, and features famed astrophysicist Dr Michio Kaku and a leading Islamic scholar, together with prominent UFO experts Stanton Friedman and Nick Pope. The Global Competitiveness Forum is poised to introduce, perhaps for the first time, many world business leaders to key issues concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial life, and how these impact on economic competitiveness."

Note the names here; one would expect the usual names - Nick Pope and Stanton Friedman - at such a conference, but a heavy-hitting theoretical physicist like Michio Kaku is another matter.  It would appear - to this author at least - that the powers that be are racheting up the focus on "disclosure," giving it the sanction and probity of a respected and well-known (not to mention brilliant) scientist like Michio Kaku.

The question is, why? I cannot shake the personal intuition, a sense deep within my bones, perhaps, that we are being set-up, not so much for "disclosure" but rather, for a massive deception, aided and abetted by advanced technology.  To be sure, the philosophical and cultural problem posed by the possibility of extra-terrestrial life and contact with it is a problem that should be discussed, and there are no better people to discuss it than Pope, Friedman, and Kaku (among many others). But the possibility of deception, of psychological operations carried out in conjunction with the advanced technologies represented by UFOs was something discussed as early as the CIA's Robertson Panel in the early 1950s, as Richard Dolan has pointed out in his books, and as Dr. Jacques Vallee was also quick to hypothesize. Before we leap to the conclusion that "disclosure" is at hand because of the presence and frequency of such conferences, we would do well to remember these possibilities, reign in our hysteria and mania for apocalyptic revelations, and bear also a modicum of skepticism about such conferences, regardless of the big names involved.  We would do well to remember that with the terrestrial technologies now in hand, it would be possible to stage almost anything, for public perceptions have already been so manipulated and engineered, that today, whenever one says "UFO" the response is almost automatic to think of "extra-terrestrial."

Note also another subtle hint, given toward the very end of that article, namely, that contact with such extra-terrestrial civilizations and their technologies might spell a very different future for oil-producing nations such as Saudi Arabia. Well....true. Any civilization capable of interplanetary and, more properly, interstellar travel, would have technologies that would profoundly impact our civilization and its current energy structure. One suspects that this might indeed be the real focus and motivation of the conference: to discuss the transition from non-renewable energy sources and a civilization founded upon them, to a civilization founded on radically different energy supplies and a very different physics. With those supplies under assault, and with the environmental consequences of digging them out of the earth so recently exemplified by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it only stands to reason that there must be, even within that Anglo-American corporate elite, young Turks who are no longer willing to adhere to the same old policies, and who advocate moving to a new form of energy technology.

And that will require "disclosure" of those technologies, in such a way - at least as far as that elite is concerned - to allow them to continue their monopolies over energy. We may, therefore, reasonably surmise and speculate that this is the real reason for the conference, and that, perhaps, the "extraterrestrial contact and disclosure" meme may be the modus operandi of choice being bandied about to do just that.

See you on the flip side.