June 15, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

In case you missed it going the various rounds on the internet or on other websites, NASA's director Bolden made the following interesting little "family preparedness" speech. My friend Richard Hoagland sent me this link, and like emails from my Grid of the Gods co-author, when Mr. Hoagland sends me something I tend to sit up and take notice :

What I really find intriguing here is Mr. Bolden's injunction to NASA employees to have an emergency preparedness plan, since NASA is responsible as the only Federal agency dealing with humans on and "off planet." Now....wait a minute...! "Off planet" is a rather broad statement, since the only off planet humans we know about are on the space station, or the (now retired) shuttle, or astronauts or cosmonauts flying from other countries. Well, why not just say "and our astronauts in space and on the space station?"

But there was another odd comment Bolden made and that made me pause even more, and this is the reference to another disaster like 9/11, all being done in the context of "off planet" once again.

Say what!?

Of course, there's all sorts of ways to interpret these remarks and those who know me know me well enough to know I'm more on the skeptical side of the whole ET question, though I'm certainly willing to entertain the idea as speculation, especially given all the apparent references to them in the ancient texts that so fascinate me. Could Bolden be talking about "the return of the cousins"? Well...yea, sure. And if that's the case they're probably not too happy with the way the various elites are running this planet.

But Bolden's remarks could equally - if not better - serve a staged event, a faked event, brought about by high but purely human technology, and heavily managed perceptions of such an "event." Bolden, and NASA, have now, in my opinion, entered the "apocalypse theater" business, about which we have blogged before on this website. The bottom line, in either case, is this: NASA employees are being warned to expect "collateral damage," and the tenor of his remarks is that this "on-and-off planet damage" will be in some 9-11 sort of event or events, i.e., as deliberate acts of war, and that is the most disturbing implication of them all.