June 14, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Those who've been following my works, and in particular, The Philosophers' Stone and Nazi International, and most recently, The Grid of the Gods, know that I have been pointing out that there are scientists - beginning with Richter and others in Nazi Germany and continuing with Nikolai Kozyrev in the Soviet Union - who had and have problems with the standard thermonuclear fusion theory of stellar energy. While this is not the place to recapitulate in detail their theories, we may basically boil them down to the problem that stars appear to be emitting more energy - and of the "wrong sort" - for standard thermonuclear models of the "chained hydrogen bomb" model to account for all of it. In the alternative theories that began to be proposed and investigated by Richter and then much more carefully by Kozyrev, electromagnetism and rotation itself played a crucial role in gating energy into the reactions.

I was greatly intrigued, therefore, when I ran across the following article:

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I was intrigued, for one, because this article is a quiet, but simultaneously, a shocking admission that maybe that standard "chained hydrogen bomb" model of stellar energy isn't the whole picture. The part of this article that leaped out at me was this interesting quotation: "The astrophysics establishment has long shunned the idea of the sun having any such iron core. But this momentous event is consistent with the theory that there is a tiny dense neutron core the size of a city powered by neutron repulsion. Professor Manuel believes there is a super-conducting iron-rich shell the size of a moon or small planet surrounding the neutron core." Note what we have: a superdense neutron core surrounded by superconducting essence, a rotating self-contained magnetic field that under these conditions may be generating torsion effects (ala the model pursued by Drs. Kozyrev and Richter), and that may also be viewed - to put it extremely simplistically - as a kind of electro-magnetic plasma "circuit" with its own resonances (again, in the model pursued by Dr. Richter).

Once we reach that realization, then the "electric universe" or "plasma cosmology" models championed by Drs. Hannes Alfven, Anthony Perrat and others takes on new significance, for one can begin, like Tesla, to view the stars themselves as the promethean fire of the gods to be quite literally chained to the rocks of planets by terrestrial technologies that can tune into them, as source and load... and that is a scary prospect....