Conspiracy Theater


February 1, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

As most of you know by now, I have a great deal of respect for the kind of analysis done by  The Daily Bell. But for once, I must take issue with it:

Greeks Run to the IMF: Why the Germans Are Not in Charge of the EU

My argument has been along the following lines: yes, the Anglo-American elite, or what The Daily Bell calls the Anglosphere, is nearing the end of its goal of world government, currency, and so on, but that, as it does so, cracks and fissures will inevitably appear along the fault lines of its internal factional and geopolitical interests. I have argued in a number of books and interviews, for example, that the postwar period saw the establishment of a number of covert and underground fronts representing these various factions and interests, and to reduce analysis simply to one all encompassing scenario of an all-powerful conspiracy is simply to simplify matters. The picture is much to complex, to be reduced or written off to the magic of labels, as I believe this article tends to do.

For one thing, one need only look at someone like Zbnw Brzznsk, or whatever the hell his voweless unpronouncable name is. Here one is dealing with a Rockefailure insider, deeply plugged into all mechanisms and institutions of power: banking, the military industrial complex, academia, the Trilateral Commission and so on. Yet, his own works, and in particular The Grand Chessboard, readily acknowledge the realities of global geopolitics, and competing interests of nations such as Russia, China, and the USA in the Eurasian heartland. To be sure, Brzznsk does advocate moving from a "unipolar" US-centered geopolitical order to a truly global one, but he does not short circuit the geopolitical realities in the process.

The long and short of it is, human nature - and particularly the kinds of sociopaths and criminals accurately portrayed in The Daily Bell article - will inevitably surface, for it is the nature of criminal enterprises not only to enter into alliances with each other, as the article correctly avers, but also into wars with each other, especially as "the prize" draws nearer. The idea that global governance will bring about an era of peace is simply utopian - one might justifiably even say Illuminist - in the extreme, for it is rather a formula for perpetual "civil war" as one faction or another tries to dominate the rest. Among these, we may include religion, intelligence agencies, black projects bureaucracies, Fascist organizations, criminal cartels (both drug runners, arms traders, and banksters), and so on.

The long and short of it is, if there be such a kind of all-powerful conspiracy as is implied in the article, then it is not a smoothly running one by any stretch of the imagination. The Mafia can, does, and did order "hits" on opposing factional leaders notwithstanding its "grand council," and, if you've been following the news lately with strange and mysterious deaths of banksters, so does the elite. As the goal nears, in other words, the cracks and fissures only increase.