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March 13, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

By now we've all heard of the story of Amerikan forces "inadvertently" burning several Muslim books, including the Koran:

Afghans rally in Kabul to slam Qur'an burning by US-led forces

Now, since this incident, we've been treated to all sorts of hand-wringing from various Amerikan military offices and even the current Sock Puppet in the White House.

Beyond the reprehensibility of burning any book - remember the adage of the German poet, where books are burned, people are not far behind - and trying to kill ideas, no one seems to be asking two questions: where is the similar hand-wringing when similar events - and worse - are perpetrated by that religion against Jews or Christians? Worse, there is another question: was this really an accident? General John Allen, commander of the imperial NATO troops in Afghanistan, says no:

"'We are thoroughly investigating the incident and we are taking steps to ensure this does not ever happen again. I assure you… I promise you … this was not intentional in any way,' he further said."

Sorry, but I'm not buying it, and the reason I'm not buying it, is that it doesn't fit the pattern we've seen emerging. And what's that pattern?

  1. Increased war rhetoric from the West, and particularly Israel, against Iran and its "threat" of a nuclear program, with Israel recently serving notice of the ultimate tail-wagging-the--dog scenario that it would not warn the U.S. prior to unilateral military action against Iran;
  2. Western interference in the Arab spring, in Egypt, Yemen, Libya, and Syria;
  3. American and Nato buildup of stockpiles in Europe and Turkey, and increasing naval presence in the Eastern Mediterranean and near Iran;
  4. The recent raid to find and kill Bin Laden;

and on and on we could go. The point here is that the pattern is one of increasing villainization and vilification of the Muslim world, in an effort to provoke that world.

Within this wider context, the burning of the Korans in Afghanistan does not fit, if one views it as an accident, but if viewed as a deliberate act, then it does. The reaction of the Afghani peasants was predictable: outrage. Now it just remains to fan the flame of outrage in the West...perhaps by real or staged atrocities against Christians or Jews, perhaps by something else.

The playbook is all too predictable, and the people behind it, are all too transparent.

See you on the flip side...