Cosmic Warfare


March 13, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Readers here know I have a certain admiration and respect for the folks over in the U.K. at The Daily Bell. Well, here's one that I found to be one of the most intriguing articles they've run. Read this one carefully:

VIDEO: Power Tools of Ancient Builders 12,000 Years Ago


I draw your attention to these four short paragraphs toward the end of the article:

"When glaciers melted, the cities of this ancient civilization were submerged. Hancock spent a lot of time trying to find evidences of such civilizations and it was he who helped publicize the discovery of the ancient submerged city of Dwarka, off the Indian cost.

"This is a monumental discovery. Dwarka is the city from which the revered Hindu God Krishna came. It is probably the single most important find since the ancient city of Troy. Yet the announcement of its existence several years ago and follow-up reports have been strangely muted.

"The powers-that-be really don't want a lot of speculation about ancient technologies. They want people to believe that current society is the apex of human civilization. When existence surfaces of anomalous building technologies, they are to be explained by alien interference and support.

"Now, it could be that ancient aliens DID visit earth and have a hand in the marvelous and inexplicable structures that still dot the planet. But we find these explanations usually get a lot more exposure than (slightly) more mundane theses that have been suggested by someone like Hancock."

Now, The Daily Bell raises this implicit question, namely, why would news - such as the discovery of Dwarka - and the idea of ancient technologies be suppressed, or at least diverted into discussions of "ancient aliens and astronauts"?

I believe in the first instance, that any such news must be repressed for a twofold reason. In the first case, the elites have through the centuries relied on the constructions of religion, particularly those of the Three Great Yahwisms, as tools of social engineering and manipulation. To discover any archaeological evidence of the assertions of other religions and their own mytho-histories of human origins, is to challenge the current religious matrix. Additionally, ever since Darwin, they have invested enormous propagannda effort to promote a kind of secular-materialistic alternative to the Yahwist paradigm. IN both instances, the goal appear to suppress the real and critical discussion of human origins and history that might be preserved in other religious traditions.

THose traditions in turn lead, in my opinion unequivocally, to the conclusion that there was a sceintifically and technologically advanced human culture pre-existing the classical ancient civilizations of the Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and so on. Those civilizations  refer to themselves as legacies - declined legacies - of something much more ancient and much more sophisticated. The view of the technologies outlined in those ancient myths and texts, in my opinion, point to technologies capable of manipulating the physical medium, or what we would call - with much inaccuracy - "free energy", and with more accuracy, vacuum or zero point energy. It is possible, therefore, that one might, by careful investigation of ancient texts, and appropriate archeological discovery, be able to reconstruct some of this technology, or at least, a workable theory of it. And that the elites cannot afford to have go public either.

Thus, in conclusion, in the one instance, the real history of human origins must be obscured, because these conflict with the current "directed history" matrix of the predominant religions of the West - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and their secular counterpart, evolutionism - and on the other, those earlier histories and the myths of other religions lead inexorably to an essentially open-systems view of  energy. And there is a final reason, perhaps the most significant one of all: they do not want us looking too closely at ancient systems of finance.