Readers here know I have a certain admiration and respect for the folks over in the U.K. at The Daily Bell. Well, here's one that I found to be one of the most intriguing articles they've run. Read this one carefully:

VIDEO: Power Tools of Ancient Builders 12,000 Years Ago


I draw your attention to these four short paragraphs toward the end of the article:

"When glaciers melted, the cities of this ancient civilization were submerged. Hancock spent a lot of time trying to find evidences of such civilizations and it was he who helped publicize the discovery of the ancient submerged city of Dwarka, off the Indian cost.

"This is a monumental discovery. Dwarka is the city from which the revered Hindu God Krishna came. It is probably the single most important find since the ancient city of Troy. Yet the announcement of its existence several years ago and follow-up reports have been strangely muted.

"The powers-that-be really don't want a lot of speculation about ancient technologies. They want people to believe that current society is the apex of human civilization. When existence surfaces of anomalous building technologies, they are to be explained by alien interference and support.

"Now, it could be that ancient aliens DID visit earth and have a hand in the marvelous and inexplicable structures that still dot the planet. But we find these explanations usually get a lot more exposure than (slightly) more mundane theses that have been suggested by someone like Hancock."

Now, The Daily Bell raises this implicit question, namely, why would news - such as the discovery of Dwarka - and the idea of ancient technologies be suppressed, or at least diverted into discussions of "ancient aliens and astronauts"?

I believe in the first instance, that any such news must be repressed for a twofold reason. In the first case, the elites have through the centuries relied on the constructions of religion, particularly those of the Three Great Yahwisms, as tools of social engineering and manipulation. To discover any archaeological evidence of the assertions of other religions and their own mytho-histories of human origins, is to challenge the current religious matrix. Additionally, ever since Darwin, they have invested enormous propagannda effort to promote a kind of secular-materialistic alternative to the Yahwist paradigm. IN both instances, the goal appear to suppress the real and critical discussion of human origins and history that might be preserved in other religious traditions.

THose traditions in turn lead, in my opinion unequivocally, to the conclusion that there was a sceintifically and technologically advanced human culture pre-existing the classical ancient civilizations of the Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and so on. Those civilizations  refer to themselves as legacies - declined legacies - of something much more ancient and much more sophisticated. The view of the technologies outlined in those ancient myths and texts, in my opinion, point to technologies capable of manipulating the physical medium, or what we would call - with much inaccuracy - "free energy", and with more accuracy, vacuum or zero point energy. It is possible, therefore, that one might, by careful investigation of ancient texts, and appropriate archeological discovery, be able to reconstruct some of this technology, or at least, a workable theory of it. And that the elites cannot afford to have go public either.

Thus, in conclusion, in the one instance, the real history of human origins must be obscured, because these conflict with the current "directed history" matrix of the predominant religions of the West - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and their secular counterpart, evolutionism - and on the other, those earlier histories and the myths of other religions lead inexorably to an essentially open-systems view of  energy. And there is a final reason, perhaps the most significant one of all: they do not want us looking too closely at ancient systems of finance.

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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Randall B. Buchanan on April 26, 2012 at 10:02 am

    Greetings Dr. Farrell,
    This is my first posting on this forum. So, please forgive me if I seem a little uneducated in certain things. Some background: when I was in my early teens in the 1970s when I started to become self aware. I had questions about everything the origins of religion, history, man, the Bible etc. etc.. The adults I interacted with at the time (Parents, and other family members, Teachers, and Church Authorities) I would put these embarrassing questions to them and for the life of of me I could never get a straight or satisfactory answer from any of them. Not even an honest ‘I don’t know’,.As a boy I had a facination with the UFO/Alien phenomana I would devour the lurid articles in the weekly grocery store tabloids that my mother purchased every week. That set the paradigm for me to question everything that we were supposed to accept without thinking about it. The first book I read on the subject of Ancient Astronauts was ‘Not Of This World’ by Peter Colosimo. Then about 77 or 78 came the American release of Erich von Daniken’s feature length documentary ‘Chariots Of The God’s’ I saw this film and read the book. And after that I was off and running I started to read the Old Testament stories with new eyes. After all the years I was spoon fed of what to think everything started to make sense to me. The next milestone in the development of my thinking came in the mid 1990s when I read ‘The Wars Of God’s And Men’ by Zacharia Sitchen in short I read every book he wrote that I could get my hands on. The fact that the so called EVIL pagan civilizations had the same stories as the Old Testament. Except for the fact that the Bible left out all the neat s–t. All the details that THEY left out of the Old Testament and spoke of people, places, and events that probably took place hundreds of thousands of years before anything was put down in writing by the recent ancients. Then the Most critical development in my thinking came along. One day, I was at my local Barnes & Noble at the Mall several years ago perusing the New Age/Speculation section in the store. And between the Modern Witch Craft and Numerology shelves I found it. Dr. Farrell’s ‘The Cosmic War’ this book was the lynchpin of my thinking. Since then, I have read voraciously his books and can’t get enough of them. Over the years I have noticed the rise of the cult of the UFO it has now come to the point it has become almost like a psuedo religion. That’s why I drifted slowly away from ufology having been influenced by the writings of Jaques Vallee’ sharing similar views on the subject with him for those who have already read his books. On the other hand it seems that quite a few of the more recent authors on Ancient Astronauts have want to promulgate the Alien/ET Hypothesis that seems to reject the notion of the Paleo High Civilization for the we helpless stupid humans who need help from the space brothers what I have to say to that is a resounding B–l S–t!!!!. Our forebearers were engineered or brought to this Planet depending on which school of thought you belong to. By a race of beings that are genetically very similar to us that were spacefaring and occupied1 or more planets in our solar system plus their colonies and outposts on which they left evidence of their existance which the PTB are trying to suppress the knowledge of that fact. What the Ancients have said in the various texts on the subject is they came from this solar system or one of the nearer star systems not from a Galaxy far far away as the line from Star Wars goes. As for the TV series Ancient Aliens I have enjoyed all 3 seasons so far. It is well done and brings up the issues of all these anomolies scattered all over the world thus, getting out the message. However, my biggest and only problem with the show is. All these talking heads von Daniken included seem to be obsessed with the ET/Alien Hypothesis. Why did’nt they contact Dr. Farrell for his input on the matter? His arguements are much more compelling logical and reasoned out. I can see the agenda here as usual the PTB are continuing to cloud the issue by holding up the ideas to ridicule by the so called main stream. Thank you for indulging my ramblings.
    Randall B. Buchanan

    • Joseph P. Farrell on April 26, 2012 at 10:13 am

      Well, as I point out in Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops, there is a great deal to be said for the view that much of modern UFOlogy IS a religion; and various big names within it – with a but a few exceptions – are promoting that religion under the guise of “science,” “research” and their status within that community. I really think a fresh approach is needed. THe simple reason none of those TV shows have not contacted me, and are not ever likely to, is that I do NOT accept their dogmas nor their agenda, and it IS an agenda.

  2. Poshboy618 on March 20, 2012 at 6:13 pm

    Going on an off-topic tangent, did anyone else notice that in the new Finnish movie “Iron Sky” SS Dr. Hans Kammler is mentioned quite prominently? The movie also has an interesting history of production.

    The movie is due to be released next month in Finland, and the production company is working on obtaining a US distributor. Eventually, like all films today, it will be available online for purchase. Or rental.

    ‘Iron Sky” is a strange one, allright–a sci-fi comedy about a Nazi base on the far side of the Moon. The first four minutes of the movie are now online as a teaser.

    Absolutely fascinating that I learned first about the evil Dr. Kammler from this site and from Nick Cook’s book “Hunt for Zero Point”. And now he’s going out into the pop culture world. And afther that…perhaps mainstream America…

  3. SSNaga on March 15, 2012 at 5:11 am

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  4. SSNaga on March 15, 2012 at 5:01 am

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    • paul degagne on March 15, 2012 at 5:12 am


      I was trying to figure out what kind of ‘bird” you are?

      My mind tossed this out to me.

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      How’s that for a laugh.


      Very clever for then you -alias, Naga?

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      • paul degagne on March 15, 2012 at 5:17 am

        The reason this touches me because of my regional accent. ( I am originally from the Pil-(very grim) -grim State of Massachusetts surviving in Chicago!


      • SSNaga on March 15, 2012 at 5:53 am

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  5. Rich Overholt on March 15, 2012 at 3:01 am

    Who knows how things would have developed had Ms. Morgan decided to become Mrs. Tesla. Everyone knows love is the strongest force in this or any other universe.

    • paul degagne on March 15, 2012 at 3:55 am

      Love is all you need — just like the Beattles sang to hoodwink us!

      Yes – that quaint notion may still be true but it helps to have a billion dollars or two like Paul Mc-Choke-on-it-Carthy!

  6. amrta on March 14, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    If we are looking for reasons for a “cover-up” of the archeological record, I think we have to see its connection to Darwin’s doctrine of Evolution. It seems to me that Forces of Darkness want us to believe that we are not much more than glorified apes, intelligent animals, which in essence is what evolution proposes.

    The evidence in the archeological record, that the further you go back the more advanced the civilization, is counter-evolutionary.

    • amrta on March 14, 2012 at 8:26 pm

      I once talked to a college student who had just finished taking a course in anthropology. She said that the main point that her professor seemed to make was that each culture is so different that no generalizations could be made.

      I thought for a minute, then said, well, as far as I know every culture on earth believes in a god or gods, and that these gods created them and/or gave them the tools of survival.

      Some call this a collective idiosyncracy/delusion of man to mythologize a god figure? How arrogant we are to discount the collective cultural legacy of our entire species as just myth making, whatever that is.

  7. paul degagne on March 14, 2012 at 4:38 am


    I like this specific post of yours!

    It seems to be YOUR FORTE?

    I am not too keen on Libertarianism or the Liberty Bell Publications (kind of like if you seen one you seen them all —very gerry-atric if you don’t ask me? Such nice sounding names always evoke suspicion in me for I used to be, sic — I said used to be, one of Voltaire’s Bastard sons, ha, ha, but I got over Enlightenment?)

    Neither am I very fond of some of the — I call it ‘mania’ surrounding these bearer bonds and other topics that fall into that file cabinet.

    I guess that category is of great importance. It just doesn’t — “Ring My Chimes much?”

    I like to say I have my own personal preferences but I am not so sure of this for wise psychologists say, “Some preferences aren’t really our own but come out of the Unconscious and we only think we’re CHOOSING them?”

    When you get down to this Alternate History ( I know that isn’t the right word, Maybe Revisionism is better?) I am going to make an understatement an say this — Revising our Myths OR discovering NEW MYTHS OR at least wrapping them up in new and different bundles. Doing this and I say, “Now Your Getting Somewhere!”

    I like this SOMEWHERE.

    It has great potential but it’s very, very distant and far away! How to make it real in this coma-wrapped NOW place called our Habitat?

    I would like to know more of this “how” process?

    But this sneaky subjective “I” —– interfers and I always end up falling away from Dreamland back into a Mundane World of having to go to the bathroom and doing errands as such….

    Now if Reincarnation were true? (yeah — we’re reincarnated every morning when we wake up from dead-sleep or Unconsciousness. We come to be where we ceased to be the night before.)

    Reincarnation is just another ‘Ring-Around-The-Rosie: trap!

    I like what Paul Von Ward has to say about past Aliens better than you do in his book “Gods, Genes and Consciousness!” ( he still leans outward to try and grab the metal ring on the merry-go-round that gives one a free ride)

    Only thing he’s a little too general or Universal for my taste — I don’t like that (it’s like he doesn’t want to piss off someone upstairs?)

    I like Jerry-mire(ing). I must be sympathetic to the prophets for I find the “Blame Game” more exciting!

    From the Swamps of Venice to the Heights of the City of London — Babylon’s Bankers. ( this may not be considered “blame” but I like the exercise I get from ‘STRETCHING’ the Yarns a little bit more. (and i am not even Irish!)

    What the hell are YOU really looking for?

    I imagine it would help to know this?

    I don’t have no PHD but at least I like to think I’d know it when I see it.

    Then again, maybe NOT!

  8. MattB on March 14, 2012 at 3:51 am

    What is interesting is when you train 16-18 year old students in the basics of Archaeological investigation and historical analysis. They find it far easier to see human civilisation as descending from something ‘higher’ or more ancient, than from clumsy ‘caveman’ to the sudden eruption of Sumer, Indus Valley and Egypt.

    You have to work much harder at ‘pushing the standard model’. The young inquiring mind has an amazing ability to apply Occam’s Razor in a wonderfully innocent and accurate way.

    When I trained in Archaeology at University, there was an active programme to dissuade students from seeing Archaeology as anything more than cold hard ‘scientific’ deduction. No treasure hunting, no lost tombs, no ‘paleoancient’ lost civilisations-just mundane analysis of hair samples and charcoal.

    All the great finds had been made and all that was really left was the very small ‘revelations’ of how ancient societies ate breakfast and struggled up the evolutionary tree.

    The missing pieces of the puzzle were buried beneath the doctrine of ‘interpretation’ and any mention of the ‘A’ word was ruthlessly ridiculed (with the exception of one lecturer who knew why i was asking certain questions and opened the door enough to let me see that the truth was there, beneath the dust and shadows of academia-he later was pushed out of Sydney University even though he was the most brilliant Near easter scholar in Australia).

    Never mind the fact that the vast majority of the great Archaeologists from the early 1900’s were deeply fascinated with hunting down the ‘paleoancient high society’. I was quite disappointed. My Masters Degree programme maintained this same ruthless suppression of anything outside ‘the norm’.

    • paul degagne on March 14, 2012 at 5:36 am

      Play the game everything is Cope-a-static! Ask dumb questions and the vampires in Black Robes in Fossilized Towers bear their teeth!

      If only I could have been two-faced like Yahweh? I would have played the go-along-to-get-along game instead of being singled out. (actually I realized it and got out before I was a new-sense TARGET!

      If I could have grabbed enough cash to build some cabana on some beach I would have enjoyed one of those drinks with the little umbrellas in them?

      But no, I had to stick to my unprincipled principles and wagged my tongue! Now, I am stuck in front of a computer typing out this shit instead of if not some cabana then maybe digging in the sands beside some Pyramid!

      Maybe I am lucky and just don’t know it?

      Remember when this not too recent —–(I say this because anything in this fast paced Society we live in that is from the day before yesterday is ancient history!) High-Tech-Bubble BURST? Good People lost say 3 hundred thousand dollars in their pension funds not to say, for example the millions upon millions of dollars lost by those clever geniuses over at the Massachusette’s State Educators Pension Fund who also invested in it.)

      If I could have played this “BE Untrue to oneself Script” I could have gotten enough CASH together. THEN AGAIN, maybe I would have not been clever enough and fell stupid enough too… — it was an excellent greedy CON. something Matoff would have been proud of!

      There goes my cobanna in Peurto Rico. I would have really ended up hating myself for that compromised goof! (compromised people tend to fall into traps they devise for others.)


      So getting out of the Theology Business just in time is a good thing ( or did you — picking on poor old Yahweh is more like hanging around the ANTI-THEOLOGY cast offs! )

      I like it!

      We get SHIPWRECKED AND WAKE UP ON THE WET SANDS OF SOME TROPICAL ISLAND. (substitute anything — i sub-t-tuded laying beside a nice plump wife its on the Island of Dr. Moreau (spelt wrong). There are sure strange creatures hanging about. On no, here comes one heading in my direction!)

      Ha, ha!

  9. James on March 14, 2012 at 3:14 am

    You know in my many times of fasting and prayer. Also known as “walking by faith and not by sight”! I have had a lot of strange revelations through the Holy Spirit from both sides of the bible. That I know that I know nobody has ever heard or thought to make the many and varried strange connections.

    Tell me which book in that bible did not come through this very methodFasting and prayer? And in fact in the NT is in fact how we who know “the spirit filled for real that can prove it” we meaning all who are spirit filled can or could all be growing one revelation at a time.

    Each new revelation takes some adjustment time but the further down the road you get the more you will receive as the power starts to grow inside of you. There will be times almost as though a computer is downloading information into your brain or mind or whatever.

    Almost like a sci fi movie I saw Battle field or Battle ground Earth or something like that with John Travolta.

    Really I know there is a whole book missing between the 4 gospels and the book of ACTS a more appropriate bible would be a book of empty or blank pages seperating the 4 gospels and the book of ACTS. In fact the average person me even before I was filled with the Holy Spirit I had the feeling something was not right or that something was missing like a piece of time missing!

    And the book of Enoch is a strange book missing from the old Testament sort of like sci fi as well or a time travelers guide. For those looking for allien or ufo type connections in the bible. Believe me you need the Holy Spirit to help you understand or grasp the idea of space and time. Higher forms of intelligence I believe have this type of understanding and can I believe to some degree manipulate space and time.

    I am sorry but I to have this sort of 6-8000 year spiritual time limit though I have not ruled out a much longer time for various experimental civilizations through ET’s or whatever on this earth and in the universe. I believe much or mostly due to my history education and brain washing based mostly through Catholocism.

    But I am a believer in various types of free energy and or magenetic motors ancd generators various other idea’s!

    Still interested in the Original Tesla car from the 1920’s Pierce Arrow No gas no batteries just an 80 hp electric motor and some sort of connection with tubes, wires and diodes. Boy could we use an idea like that in todays world but the powers that be will NEVER let that cat out of the bag!

    But for those of you religious bible thumpers you can complain all you want about Christianity and argue to your hearts content! But I wouldn’t trade this new spiritual adventure for anything in the world! And without it or him I can surely say or attest I would be dead or have committed suicide many years ago!

    How many of these soldiers coming back with PTSD from seeing or living though horrid circumstances and situations! That if nothing else is a priceless reward of having the Holy Spirit for real! So you can put your past behind you and start a new life or not have it come back to haunt you over and over again!

    God gives you a clean slate your own brand new bright white blank book so you can start over again just like a new or young child. So really I have found no unforgivable sin!

    The biggest sin is never seeking the infilling and or fellowship of the Holy Spirit!

    And he will be with you all the days of your life you may be alone but never will you be lonely again!

  10. Jeff S. on March 13, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    This is an interesting phenomena. While many revisionist historians wish to maintain that the evidence of high technology should be attributed to ‘humans’, many of the ancient texts clearly state that these ancient beings came from the ‘stars’. While i certainly acknowledge that these ‘star visitors’ could have been human also, they would still, by definition, be “alien”. Whether we are talking little grey men or humans from somewhere else, the term still is applicable.

  11. marcos anthony toledo on March 13, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    You can look up another History Channel series Ancient Discoveries thought it confind itself to the establish timeline it show that our forebearers we not as backward as the historians make them out to be. Also on the History Channel had a two hour show admitting that civilization goes back twelve thousand years at lest. thank for showing The Daily Beast website.

  12. legioXIV on March 13, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    Well there is no doubt in my mind that there was a very high civilization preceding the civilizations of Mesopotamia and the Indus valley. The archaeological evidence to my mind is overwhelming. And it was obvious that this civilization was much greater technologically than our present one. After all we could not build half the structures today with modern technology than they did thousands of years ago.

    Truly stupendous feats of engineering that are dismissed as the works of primitive man. Pure rubbish. I agree with Igor Witowski that it would be fun to take those academics who insist this is so and chain them to rocks and have them perform the same feats with copper and stone tools. I would pay to see that.

    I think that an off world origin for the human species can not be fully ruled out. Whether that origin is fully off world or only part, through genetic manipulation of humanoids here could be argued over, though I heavily lean to the latter. I believe that we are a genetically manipulated indigenous species which is not as far fetched as it sounds, after all aren’t we being genetically manipulated by the elites now? After all Homo Sapiens have appeared to come from nowhere in the historical timeline, almost overnight as it were.

    What points to this is the numerous references in ancient creation epics dispersed around the world is that our creators came from ‘elsewhere’ or from the ‘heavens’. We know that there is evidence that this ancient high civilization could have had off world capabilities if you take the remains on the moon and on Mars as being of that civilization. It is possible that this civilization has it origins on another world in our solar system rather than on Earth. That doesn’t make them necessarily alien but as I like to term them our genetic cousins.

    The one good thing about the Ancient Aliens show is that it does highlight these archeological anomalies and does get people to think how the hell did they do that? What is it about our history that we just don’t know? What aren’t they telling us? And I agree with Dr Farrell that it would be interesting indeed to discover just how the paleoancient civilization conducted it finances.

    • Robert Barricklow on March 13, 2012 at 5:50 pm

      Like the Matryoshka dolls, or the proverbial onion, the more layers you peel away, the more dolls within dolls; the question of our ‘origins’ becomes more likened to a moon’s reflection upon waters, seemingly within reach/perhaps especially from a early primate’s viewpoint,
      …but much later, upon reflection?
      For instance, our ‘ancient alien’ ancestors might have been searching, as we are today, for their origins, and thwarted by simular stumbling blocks, both within & without their systems of discovery.

      Like Hamlet said:
      And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
      There are more thing in heaven and earth, Haratio(a metaphor speaking to all of us),
      Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

      The reason I say this, is that I concur with your analyses, although, realizing as you do, we are dealing with very slim pickings of available information.

      The Ancient Aliens show I’ve seen: the series 1, 2, & 3(so far).
      I don’t like the way they frame the shows, but much enjoy the information/videos.

      • legioXIV on March 13, 2012 at 7:45 pm

        Absolutely Robert, I don’t believe that we will ever now for sure until we can get some freesearcher (independent and free researchers) boots on the ground on Mars and the Moon. Highly unlikely I know but then again stranger things have happened and so you never know. I do feel that a large number of the missing pieces to the puzzle of who we are and where we come from will be found offworld.

    • Steve Campbell on March 13, 2012 at 6:01 pm


      Your comments reminded me of this:

      Ode on Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood
      by William Wordsworth


      Also, regarding azuritepress.com , I neglected to mention the numerous books that have been written by Ashayana Deane, several of which I have read.

    • paul degagne on March 16, 2012 at 2:59 am

      What if the aliens were like bees or ants.

      What use would finances be to them?

      Yeah, we sure are up against “IT’ trying to use our imaginations to think “Outside the Box!”

      All these alternate theories and possibilities make it very difficult to “Pin Down Anything of Real Value?”

      If you ask me it wouldn’t be such a far stretch of the imagination to declare “Their (all these different hypothesis/theories) all missing the Freaking BOAT!

      I like what Woody Allen that ‘tongue-in-cheek” tried and true comedian has to say about IT?

      He Said:

      “More than at any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly…”

      • paul degagne on March 16, 2012 at 3:35 am

        I should let the the Woody Allen Comment Stand on it’s own two feet but I wont!

        My initial take (first impression) is that we only have the two paths mentioned. (but nowhere in his expression does he state that. We jump to conclusions. He also doesn’t say the following but hidden in this statement is the ‘idea (implication) these two choices were sic “given” or handed down to us dummies at the bottom of the well!

        Now the main question I get from all this is:

        “Why the FOCK Should Anyone Accept It! (Even if Farrell is the one handing it down. He ain’t MOSES! )

        NO, I think and I am going to SPILL THE BEANS here and say —- “It only appears we have just two Choices. In actuality we may have so many choices and some of them may be excellent choices that it gets very confusing deciding on what we are going to have for ‘Dessert!”

        Now let us pray for the wisdom that we don’t pick out the Good because you heard that expression before “The Good is the Enemy of the Best!”


        I used the word pray just as a quick and easily understood reference meaning.

        I am not much (keen) on the idea of begging? (that is what prayer reminds me of. Some times it reminds me of a “Lets Make a Deal Game show kind of thing With Upstairs where – You give me this and I will in turn give You that?)

        If prayer is so effective than why aren’t the hundreds of thousands (probably millions?) of near starving people on this planet we are living on not granted a LOUSY OR CRUMMY PIECE OF BREAD they so desperately praying for?”

        So much for Yahweh’s MERCY! (that is if your CRAZY enough to think your one of the ELECT or EGOTISTICAL or GRANDIOSE enough? )

        It doesn’t take much research to prove what I am saying. Look for Yourself! Are you happy? (now no bullshit or self-deception here. Be ruthlessly honest and take a BIG LOOK —-AT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT?

      • SSNaga on March 16, 2012 at 3:37 am

        HaHa! Mankind has never been ‘wise’… they’re sure to pick the wrong one!

  13. Ken Lemon on March 13, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    Supression of artifacts discovered over the years has been covered by Cremo & Thompson at length in the books “Forbidden Archeology” and “The Hidden History of the Human Race”. (recommended btw)

    What gets me is the participation by museum “staff’ and so-called “Professors” to HIDE these significant ancient “finds”.

    Wouldn’t you like to take a peek in the hiden vaults at the Smithsonian or the Vatican…..hummmm, very yummy stuff.

    The Cabalistic Acaemia at work again, or as Jim Marrs says, the New World Order marches on.

    • paul degagne on March 18, 2012 at 9:05 am

      Ken Lemon,

      I would love to gain admission to these “hidden Vaults!”

      You never know what could be contained there?

      That’s the problem.

      My POTENTIAL for Imagination may be ten thousand times better than what I might find in the vaults? (maybe even more mysterious domestic laundry lists like in Umberto Eco’s Book?)


      So Farrell — if you want to sell more books, throw a tib-bit here and there for us in the disjunctionces of all that Physics so as to trigger the Fantasies of those with UNREGULATED IMAGINATIONS!


      What a disappointment or ‘LETDOWN” admission to those vaults could be. Who says after eyeballing such taboo material they ‘have to’ let you leave the cellar or cave or whatever ‘ALIVE?”

      Seems to me —- I just might not want to KNOW ABOUT IT FOR MY OWN GOOD rather than have to spend the rest of my life in Hiding. (my own obscurity is bad enough but to have to get a sore neck from looking over my shoulder 24/7 then on second thought—leave well enough alone or don’t you dare bite into that juicy apple!)

      Besides, I wouldn’t know what in the world (or out of this world) kind of documentation or objects to look for.

      Maybe Farrell would know but then he’s liable to turn something very exciting into some lifeless Mathematical Formula trying to PROVE Science and Religion once shared apartments.

      I haven’t read his Giza Death Star book —-I for now am just using this imaginary potential of mind to see if I can guess beforehand. (ever get real excited over the title and the back-cover descriptions of what’s inside a book only to discover it turns out to be one big dud? Just like that old commercial saying —“Where’s the Beef” one ends up saying – “Where the Bang for my Buck?”)

      So I am forearming myself before reading the Giza Death Star by making out my own ‘little theory or lets suppose it’s this.”

      Here it is: You heard of the Gaia Hypothesis where in a symbiotic relationship biological life shapes the physical matter and where the total BIO-MASS —- REGULATES — the Earth’s temperature. (if this is so we’re in big trouble because there are huge dead zones in the Oceans and Forests the size of Rhode Island are being depleted before eyes that can see!)

      To make a long story short —- perhaps the Giza Pyramids also had other functions besides being used as a weapon. Perhaps, in their UNIMAGINABLE for us KNOWLEDGE these similar uses such as temperature thresholds were put into action on the planet.

      Farrell may already have mentioned this but I want to see how well I can tune into this Engineer’s Son before reading his actual propositions!


      Cut, Cut, Cut I heard the Hollywood people saying,

      If anyone actually did get entrance to the Vault and SQUEALED ABOUT IT— WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WOULD TRUST THEM?

      Just another Illuminati FLUNKY — no ticket sales from the Conspiracy Fan Club!

      We’re leave out the truth this time? Ha, ha!

  14. Robert Barricklow on March 13, 2012 at 9:04 am

    As in many stories, it is the frame into which they are placed, that is as important, as the story itself. The establishment’s frame, is for the most part, to place the story within a frame of deception. The more important, to more deceptive.

    Thus, with Dr. Farrell, the story is placed within a proper frame, from with which to ‘see it’ within.

  15. romanmel on March 13, 2012 at 7:09 am

    Wow…fantastic article.

    I have been really critical of the “Ancient Aliens” show on History Channel because of their obvious attempt to promote a weak theory of alien involvement with ancient civilizations. The vocal guide of the program always prefaces a new pronouncement with “ancient alien theorists believe…” and this is ment to be interpreted as, “experts agree…”.

    A subtle crafting of words is prevalent throught the show to entrench in minds validity to otherwise wild speculation. I admire their craftiness but am apalled at their success.

    • Jeff S. on March 13, 2012 at 11:51 pm

      I actually interpreted those strategies completely different The narrator repeatedly saying “ancient alien theorists believe” can be thought of as saying ” they believe it, but mainstream science does not”.
      Also, in my opinion, using Giorgio Tsoukalos as their go to guy ,so to speak,has a clear agenda. Hes outspoken, does not mince words, makes gigantic leaps of logic and has bizarre hair! These things can make him popular with some but it also leads to many doubting the credibility of the show simply because this guy comes off as a quirky goofball that looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket.
      The ‘mad scientist’ if you will.

    • paul degagne on March 14, 2012 at 3:47 am

      The weaker view is probably damage control. The Powers-That-Be don’t want topics like this to get out of hand where they cant slant them the way they want.

      Indeed it is interesting how the media uses words? One slight or little mention or reference here and there releases the hidden tension in the subject. Afterwards, the unique discovery gets classified in with the ‘stale fudge file.”

      On the other hand NONSENSE (most any kind would do – doesn’t necessarily have to be rational or logical) gets full attention (three-ring-circuises!) which leads the focus away from true dead-eye accuracy. It’s promoted as the greatest thing since “whipped cream!”

      It is obvious to people with critical natures ( who can doubt even doubt itself – yeah, those pain in the butts!) but to other more trusting VOLK, they fall right into this perception-trap. The technique is a simple on the surface tried and true one that still works. (look in depth at it and it gets very complicated because we’re programed not to in infancy.)

      Anyway, if you really think about it the Educational Establishment promotes (not openly though) that thinking is PAINFUL and PLEASURE is all that matters!( the pleasure of buying/consuming or as I put it ‘GOBBLING UP THE PLANET!”

      That being the case why would anyone really want to think?

      Let some Parent or Authority Like figure think for us.(phony prostitute experts) Let them explain it all all away! Shift the burden of responsibility of learning onto to someone else. Why not?

      Ever notice how children has a sense of trust toward their parents? Ever see how children can still love a very nasty parent? (I still don’t fully understand their excuses?) There seems at least to me some unconscious biological mechanism or instinct in play that insists on trusting one’s parents.

      Now a manipulative elite wants people to remain undeveloped emotionally so they can use this biological mechanism of trust in a perverted way to keep people not so much dumb and stupid (that too) but locked into a certain stage of immaturity.

      Ever notice the irony of the word Undeveloped Country It is a code word meaning not fully under our controll. I am almost willing to say the undeveloped countries (if that myth is still true?) still have a chance ( not much in this global age) of going a different route?)

      Yeah, about as much chance as a SNOWFLAKE IN HELL!

      I am getting off topic so I will end this post.

  16. Steve Campbell on March 13, 2012 at 6:57 am

    Rather than limit yourself to thinking that, in particular, Jesus Christ is some sort of elite conjuration to manipulate the masses throughout our recorded history, or at least since Christ’s purported crucifixion and ascension, I would suggest that Christ Consciousness has been with us MUCH longer than is generally accepted, especially in regards to certain interpretations of the Bible. This website: azuritepress.com is probably THE most comprehensive website known to understanding the greater reality. The enormous, mind-boggling quality of the information far exceeds any at least I’ve ever seen. Many hours of DVDs can be ordered, many of which I’ve been fortunate enough to see. It’s truly incredible information; actually TOO much. I found myself retreating before it, though willing to continue following, as best I could, whatever was put before me. There is a story of three Jesus’. That’s right, three. I haven’t searched this website in a long time, so I don’t know if this story is freely published on their site, or if one still needs to order a copy of it over the internet. Somewhere in my papers I have a hard copy of this story. God only knows, given the disorderly mess my things are in, where it might be. Someday, if I run across it, I may type it out and send it around via email. But then I may not because of possible copyright infringements.

    • Daniel Jones on March 13, 2012 at 9:32 am

      I think with reference to christ in this context, what Joseph means here is the orthodox catholic and canonical view of the historical Jesus and it’s direct connection to Yahwism.

      Could you trace out what this three Jesus stories amounts to? I browsed the site about the Christ Consciousness which is more or less a gnostic view of christ. So that gives us two: gnostic and “canonical.” So what is the 3rd position proffered? I’m interested in what this might have to say…

      • Steve Campbell on March 13, 2012 at 11:58 am

        I’ll have to search for that paper. My memory isn’t good enough to do it justice.

    • bdw on March 13, 2012 at 6:11 pm

      If you feel moved check out the book CAESAR’S MESSIAH by Joseph Atwill. There is strong evidence that Christianity was created out of whole cloth (that the New Testament is pure fiction, start to finish).

      Anyone who agrees with such a view will consider terms like “christ consciousness” to be meaningless.

      I do not deny that there might be something to “some-kind-of-super-duper” consciousness, I just get tired of people thinking that there is much in the NT that could actually be real.

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