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Here's one that I found, in this presidential selection year when once again the American oligarchy has given us two incomparably bland sock puppets to "choose" from, that perfectly encapsulates some of what I think is the growing gulf between most Americans, and the delusional power-mad idiots on Wall Street and in Washington:

The Hollow Empire

See you on the flip side.


  1. A few of us remember it was the ObomaNation who declared “Victory” in Afghanistan was not the goal.

    Anyone can do the tally…a trillion worthless Federal Reserve Notes spent on war in a distant land has a much smaller impact than an additional 6 trillion worthless Federal Reserve Notes wasted on non-existent ‘shovel ready’ jobs in America.

    But, who’s counting? Well, when the interest rates on US Treasury Bonds begin to rise their will be a LOT of accounting to do. What is the payment on that sum if the interest rates goes to 1%? or, to 2%, or to 3%, or to 4%, or to 5%, or to 7%????

    Go ask the PIGGS how well things work when your bonds require ever higher bond payments due to slight increases in the percentage rate.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Public Banking.

      1% Wallstreet sales tax on
      (speculative) derivatives.

      Prosecute Banksters, from the cherry tops on down the pyramid cone…
      Maybe take a page from China and execute a few.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Glad he mentioned WW11 as a loser as well.
    All these wars(WW1 especially) were orchestrated “losers”. The only “winner” is a despicable inner circle, that conspires against the good will of the people, for the obscene benefits of a santanic few.

    1. Idiotic family squabbles over empires among the remnants of inherited priivilege produced WWI. Which also marked the end of Enlightenment optimism, at least in Europe. The result: Communist Russia and Nazi Germany. Then WWII– which would never have happened without WWI.

      The result: a US of A convinced it was as invincible as Superman, Capt. America or Dr. Manhattan. Vietnam– “we coulda won if those peaceniks had been jailed.” Uh, win WHAT?! Sure, we spent the Soviets into submission. And used up the common good doing it. Nothing left but trillions in debt… but to whom is this owed?

      Same old war profiteers. They’ve become slightly more subtle. No draft to scare the educated upper middle classes. Just the highly effective de facto economic draft. Who are, as the Faux popuLie reminds us, “volunteers.”

      1. Robert Barricklow

        There was a plot forge long before “America” stepped in it(or more precisely, lead into it). Woodrow Wilson alluded to those powers(that take/lead you there) several times.
        The international Wobblies were handed boyonets to go after each other’s throats.

        1. I agree with your assessment Robert.
          As I see it “idiotic family squabbles” doesn’t cut it.
          Wars and revolutions all seem to lead back to some power which is able to achieve its goals of war and destruction in the name, of course, of democracy and freedom.

  3. Plain honest facts Americans and their leaders insist on ignoring. He consistently writes some of the very best stuff out there. Raimondo and Glenn Greenwald are the first two columnists I look to for truth uncontaminated by antique “right”-“left” labels.

  4. “What does a temporary defeat matter if, through the destruction of people and material wealth in enemy countries, we are able to secure a margin of economic and demographic superiority…” ~ German General Von Stulpnagel

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