Cosmic Warfare


January 28, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I began a commentary on the following article in the European Times, about Russia's Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev "ordering" President Obama to come clean about aliens, or the Russians would do it for him:

Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will

You'll recall that yesterday I argued that the secrecy of the American government concerning the topic of UFOs may have as its ultimate goal and target not so much to keep matters secret from the public, but from the operators of UFOs, whoever they may be. It is conceivable, I argued, that the reason for the secrecy is to keep "them" guessing about how much we know about them, their capabilities, and how much, over time, we have spent to emulate those capabilities, and what we may actually have accomplished in that respect. This, as I have argued in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, was a response that emerges from the culture of "full spectrum dominance" informing and influencing the culture of this western covert structure. The response of this covert structure to the Soviet Union became a model for the response to the UFO phenomenon and whoever was behind it.

With this, we are confronted by what I have called American UFO unilateralism, for by adopting such a stance, effectively the American core of the breakaway civilization has transferred the Cold War paradigm to a new geopolitical level and playing field: space itself, and the UFO. It has adopted a "soft hostile" stance and response to the phenomenon unilaterally. In short, this breakaway group adopted a strategy and response of passive aggression to the phenomenon, while covertly trying to emulate it, and, presumably, convince it that we had more capabilities than might at first appear. But this response was made, effectively, for everyone else without their consultation or input( though, as I have also argued, the potential threat and hostile actions of UFOs would like have led to at least very high level and very secret cooperation between elements of the two superpowers' militaries, if for no other reason than to avoid an accidental UFO-triggered misunderstanding between that could easily have escalated into war).

All of this returns us to American UFO unilateralism and current geopolitics. It would be a mistake, in my opinion, to view Medvedev's remarks as being disjunct with the recent calls for gold repatriation in Europe, or with recent Russian moves re. China, the Shanghai accords, or even the looming purchase of DEPA by the Russian energy giant Gazprom. The unilateralism grew out of the same culture of full spectrum  dominance and American unipolarism as currently drives American foreign policy.

As I noted two days ago, the German calls for repatriation of its gold is, at the public level, nothing less than a kind of declaration of financial war, for it represents a breakdown of trust in the New York Federal Reserve to be an honest custodian of foreign gold reserves. Indeed, I argued yesterday that it is very possible that German government analysts came to similar conclusions regarding what the bearer bonds scandals represented at a deeper and more secret level: a system of finance to leverage vast covert operations and black research over a prolonged period of time. Pulling the plug on this financial structure means, in effect, pulling the plug on that covert ops structure, on its research, and ultimately, on its ability to affect and effect UFO policy more or less unilaterally. Germany, and quietly, Russia, are indicating that they are going to have a voice in the formation of global UFO policy, inclusive of an influence over the development of technologies to emulate, meet, and possibly, engage if not roll it back. To do so, the structure of finance, already changing for other well-known reasons, has to be changed for a more hidden one...

... funny, too, how now in Europe they are talking about gold-backed bearer bonds.  It isn't that they want to end the re-hypothecation... they just want to be the ones doing it, and I suspect, for a similar purpose. The unipolar world - even with respect to the UFO and its emulation - is dying...

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While you're pondering all these high octane possibilities and speculations, consider this interesting little tidbit that was sent to me by Mr. A. F.:


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