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February 5, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yes you read that correctly: extraterrestrials debuted as a subject of discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, according to this article from The Huffington Post:

ET Discovery Coule Happen within 10 Years: WOrld Economic Forum

Now I have written both here and elsewhere of the interest of the financial oligarchs in the subject of UFOs. Indeed, this was the preoccupation of much of my most recent book, Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, and in this respect we would do well to recall the interest of Laurence Rockefeller in the subject. Indeed, one need only recall the Brookings Report, commissioned by a nacent NASA at the beginning of its career, to determine the implications of the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligent life, whether in living form, or through its artifacts. Significantly, the Brookings Report also subtly reinforced a meme already abroad in the growing UFO and contactee community, namely, that ET must necessarily be much more advanced than we, by hundreds, if not thousands or millions of years.

So why my interest in an article that otherwise merely reinforces this rather obvious point?

Here I think the significance lies not in this individual UFO theme, but rather, in the context in which that theme was addressed. It was but one of the "x factors" being considered at Davos. Note carefully what these are:

  1. Runaway climate change
  2. Significant Cognitive Enhancement
  3. Rogue Deployment of Geoengineering
  4. Costs of Living Longer

This is, to say the least, an extremely interesting context from which to view the subject of extraterrestrials, and noticeably, what underlies each of them is the implicit assumption that technological developments drive each of the issues, raising the significant prospect not only of "runaway climate change" being an unintended consequence of human industrialization and technological growth, but also the more sobering prospect of the actual intended ability to influence climate change via technology.

But it is the other three "x factors" that compel my attention, for you'll notice that each of them is a transhumanist theme and, indeed, agenda... I have spoken here frequently about the enhancement of human performance and intellectual capacity that the emerging technologies herald, and I have also mentioned the culturally transformative and alchemical aspects of ever longer human life spans, including among these, in my very first book in the alternative research field, The Giza Death Star, the idea that longer life spans also significantly expand the possibility of hyperbolic human intellectual and technological progress. No longer would the sum total of human knowledge acquired through the millennia have to be recycled every 20 years or so for every new generation. Indeed, currently, as I noted there, famous scientists usually achieve their renown in only one field of endeavor and are usually only know for one major discovery or contribution. Longer life spans might enable a vast expansion of interdisciplinary achievements by the individual, or a lifetime of discoveries in a field of specialization, or both.

And I have written here and spoken briefly about the possibility of "rogue" possession and deployment of all the technological capabilities that some associate with geoengineering. Notice here what the World Economic Forum actually seems to be implying: not "rogue nations" but simply "rogue" deployment, implying that they know they are not dealing with groups represented solely and exclusively by rogue nations, but by other types of groupings: criminal syndicates, corporate cartels, Fascist undergrounds, rogue elements within the international intelligence community.

The Davos "x factors" list is thus viewing the ET factor and its potential in a transhumanist sense, i.e., from the standpoint of already accomplished, or emerging, technologies and cultural transformations... And the transhumanist context is highly significant in another sense. Recall that I stated above that the meme of ET's advancement over humans by hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years, the meme of their almost godlike technological prowess, and even of their moral superiority was planted very early on within ET-UFO-Contactee circles.

But I submit that this view was a projection onto the phenomenon of the idea that most of us subconsciously hold about progress: that it is more or less uniform, and arithmetically linear. But what transhumanism is telling us, and reminding us, is that technological progress is really geometric, and is fast approaching the stage where it approaches not the "x" axis, but a parallel with the y axis. On this way of viewing things, the godlike abilities of ET may not be millions, thousands, or even hundreds of years ahead of us, but perhaps only mere decades, or even less. Maybe this is why, if ETs or crypto-terrestrials exist (to employ Mac Tonnes' phrase), they seem to show such an interest in human technological progress... they are facing potential competition, sooner, rather than later, and they know it. Perhaps. Maybe. All depending on that if...

...and that, of course, means that something may have already happened, and that the Davos financial elites are  just, really, slowly and surely preparing the "meme" for its major appearance in the Matrix.

See you on the flip side.