August 20, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday, you'll recall, I blogged about the following article, shared with me by Mr. A.F:

Banking Scandals as a Mirror to the Struggle for World Domination (I)

Today, I would like to continue with our analysis of the second part of Mr. Katasonov's article, found here:

Banking Scandals as a Mirror to the Struggle for World Domination (II)

I emphasized in my analysis that the first part of Mr. Katasonov's article, which we reviewed yesterday, was oblivious - seemingly - to the presence of the "third force," which I have consistently had no hesitation in identifying with a shadowy post-war network of international Fascists, Nazis, Japanese yakuza and zaibatsu, radical terrorist cells, and the international drug trade with all its connections to the Mafia, and so on.

Katasonov is alive to this possibility:

"We have all become accustomed to the statement that bankers rule the world. However, according to some experts, the increasingly apparent weakening of a number of banks from the “core” of the global financial system could lead to the power, authority and influence being transferred over to those who are not affiliated with either the Rothschilds banking clan or the Rockefellers banking clan. These can be called the “third force”. This “third force” is primarily associated with machineries of government in the US and Great Britain, as well as other countries in the West, not directly linked to present-day moneylenders. There is evidence of opposition to banksters within the US state apparatus, which is regarded as the main body of today’s “third force”. Thus, David Wilcock talks about an anti-banking conspiracy in America being prepared by “US federal marshals”. As an example of the courageous step being taken by such “marshals”, he refers to the investigation that has begun against Barclays Bank with regard to Libor rate manipulations. Wilcock points to the fact that the investigation was started by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission – an independent agency of the Justice Department. The Justice Department is only a small part of the “third force” in America, however. Wilcock believes that the core of the opposition to the banking establishment is the US Department of Defense. The scandal caused by the revelations of Edward Snowden has given rise to a number of publications on the attitudes of American secret service employees. These publications maintain that the US intelligence agencies currently include quite a few oppositionists to the domination of banksters. There are probably even more within the Pentagon. Over the last few years, quite a number of senior officials at the Pentagon have spoken out against America’s military ventures in different parts of the world. They did not overstep the mark in their criticism, however – they did not make a direct link between these ventures and America’s financial and banking elite..."

With due respect to Mr. Katasonov, however, and to Mr. Wilcock, whom he cites in his comments, it should be noted that to maintain that the third force begins and ends with the American national security military-intelligence complex would be another oversimplification, though we would certainly agree that there are signs of an epic struggle between two classic institutions of western culture and civilization - the corporation, and the sovereign state - over which direction a future civilization will take: a corporatist, or statist, one.

The oversimplification is due simply by ignoring the realities of postwar history once again, a history that demonstrably shows that the networks of Fascist, Nazi, and imperial Japanese power not only were left in place, but that they had connections to the highest echelons of postwar American power and intelligence, and, in the case of some German, Italian, and Japanese scientists, had also deeply penetrated the core of the rapidly forming American military-industrial-complex.

This appears to be the subtle suggestion of Mr. Katasonov, who, unlike most Americans, will remember the above history:

"Discussion of the “spy scandal” story has also highlighted the issue of the relative autonomy of US intelligence agencies from the rest of the state apparatus and monetary authorities. In strategic terms, the intelligence agencies would like to play an independent role and take charge of the “third force”, with the intention of including the military within its ranks, as well as computer, communications and information technology companies (primarily internet companies). The motto of the “third force” is simple: information is money, power and authority. It is this “third force”, with people in every echelon of the US authorities, that was intending to carry out a “soft” coup in Washington and dramatically restrict the power of banksters in the US. This refers to plans to carry out a full audit of the FRS, reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act, toughen the Dodd-Frank Act and so on. The “third force” has a wide social base in America and throughout the world, taking into account the growing anger of people against banks (remember the “Occupy Wall Street” movement)."

And then this:

"I think that the “third force” could be directing some strong blows towards banksters as early as autumn 2013. It is more than likely we will hear about new banking revelations and new scandals before long. In the new phase of this story, the pressure of the “third force” on American banksters could go beyond purely legislative initiatives (legislative pressure). “Federal marshals” could launch serious investigations against Wall Street banks (administrative and legal pressure). Having “practised” on European banksters, they could start a vicious fight with their own. However, already this summer (at the height of the “spy scandal”), the Justice Department, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the US Office of the Attorney General began a serious “incursion” into the Bank of America, which is probably the most “Rockefeller” bank. It is being charged with dishonest and even fraudulent operations with mortgage-backed securities on the eve of, and during, the 2007-2009 financial crisis. So far, pressure on the bank is of a “controlled” nature, but at any moment it could move into the category of universal scandal."

Bottom line: Whatever alliances as were forged between the hidden elites of postwar Europe and Japan and the Anglo-American oligarchs, led by its two prominent banking dynasties, it is beginning to look like others besides this hack from South Dakota are waking up to the fact that, in the post 9/11 world, all bets are now off, and all the factions are vying to be the capstone on the pyramid. In my opinion, the banksters will lose this struggle, though they will be kept around, like the British monarchy, as a symbolic reassurance that the old order is still in charge.

See you on the flip side.