1. What if the bonds are real? Would the government allow them to be redeemed? I think not as most real bonds have peculiarities printed on them intentionally to make them identifiable later but works also to allow them to be deniable as well by the issuing government. Lesson learned Doc.

  2. This reads like damage control because of your theory Dr Farrell. I love how they used almost exactly the same reasoning that you do regarding who would fake a $3 bill except that in your example you said a $7 bill.

  3. Frankie Calcutta

    A likely scenario may be that a real shipment of US bearer bonds did crash in the Philippines on their way to China in exchange for the Kuomintang’s gold who wanted to keep it out of the hands of the invading Japanese. Word got out that billions of dollars in US bearer bonds were lost in the jungles of the Philippines and a new con industry was born that exists to this day. The other speculation would be that disgruntled kumantang refugees living on Taiwan decided to invalidate the official bearer bonds given to them and now in the hands of the communist Chinese by forging trillions more. Or conversely, the Chinese communists decided to print trillions in fake beard bonds in order to make it impossible for their kumantang rivals on Taiwan to collect on the bearer bonds they exchanged for gold back in the early 1930’s. Even more likely, the US banksters flooded Asia with fake bearer bonds for the purpose of invalidating all authentic bearer bonds circulating in Asia and thereby reneging on their promissory notes for payment or return of the Chinese gold. I would also wager that this scam proved so successful for the banksters that they repeated it numerous times more with different nations over the years who’s gold was being held by the Federal Reserve.

    1. Frankie Calcutta

      I would also add that bearer bonds are getting so common a guy tried to cash one in at a poker game I was participating in a few weeks back. Several days later, while buying some tickets for a Broadway show (Cats my favorite) the ticket scalper offered to sell me some bearer bonds as well.

  4. They claim they can’t find the printing press to shut it down? Try looking a little closer to home, maybe, in the bowels of the Pentagon?

  5. Somebody should print up 300 billion worth of Giza Death Star bonds. That would really confuse the investigators.

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