1. Nathan, it is ‘informed speculation’. Astronomers did not get any picture of a star. Only nearby stars are able to produce a ‘disk’ even in modern telescopes; the rest are literally pinpoints.

      What astronomers do is use any ‘light dips’ to infer something between us and the star. (This only works for 1% of stars, as the ‘planetary system’ has to be lined-up with our line of sight.) They have modeled what a planet should look like, light-dip-wise, crossing in front of a star. Repeated dips at constant intervals implies a planet. (Other things have to be ruled out, but that is the simple version.)

      What has aroused interest in this case is that the light-dips do not match any known phenomena. It could be something ‘natural’, of course. But, it could also be attributed to intelligence at work. Read Larry Niven’s classic SF novel, “Ringworld”, for a better sense of possibilities.

      The good thing is that this ‘anomaly’ has caused astronomers world-wide to jostle for telescope time to monitor this system. Wouldn’t you like to be the person who first produced unambiguous proof of an extraterrestrial civilization? Even if you had to nay-say it until the evidence came-in?

  1. As was suggested at the Secret Space Conference, it could be the beginnings of a Dyson’s sphere or ring world built in sections to be joined together once all the sections were completed. Hence the wavering brightness. It could also be a large planet with a large moon, the varying brightness would be caused by the moons orbit. Two planets with orbits of approximately the same length of time could also cause this. More observation is needed to determine a best guess, and guess is all we can do at present.

  2. Have you checked out the work of Andrew Collins, and his association of Cygnus with megalithic structures on earth? If he is correct, then the ancients were quite obsessed with this constellation and if this turns out to be an artificial structure, then maybe they had more reasons to be focused on this place than we realize.

  3. If, as Ben Rich said, “We have the ability to take ET home,” we already know the answer to this and many other questions.

  4. If this is a artificial structures two possibilities the remains of a Death Star attack. Ala Aldarann in Star Wars: A New Hope or a Ringworld ala the Larry Niven novels of that series. NASA and the official science in denial as usual there is no intelligent life beyond Earth meme.

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