1. I am most intrigued by thinking about the physics along the (theoretical) line connecting the centers of two heavy, closely-orbiting bodies. At some location (a point), the two masses cancel out. It is literally zero-G at that point (with enormous ‘tides’ on either side). If the two bodies are of roughly equal mass, the zero-G point will be midway between them. For more and more unequal masses, the zero-G point will be offset accordingly.

    As two black holes spiral towards each other, the zero-G point will be closer to the event horizons of the two BHs. What does this do to the shape of the EH (in a sinusoidal manner)? Would a sucked-in piece of matter which had been inside the EH be momentarily outside the EH, and thus able to radiate to the universe?

    Near collision, the zero-G point will be approaching the (rapidly cycling) EH of one BH. What will that look like, as EH particles experience almost zero-G conditions?

    Just before the merging, the zero-G point will be ‘inside’ the EH of one BH. The particles outside that point will try to fall ‘upwards’ towards that other BH, only to have the zero-G point ‘whip away’ with the rotation. Most particles would fall-back, but would some combination of wildly-varying summed-gravities allow a ‘spray’ of particles to escape the final event? That would result not only in element synthesis but in copious light. The mind boggles…

    (It gets even more interesting when at least one of the merging bodies is a neutron star. There, you are dealing with a solid surface – under huge gravitational ‘compaction’ – and imagining what a varying G-force would do to the neutron crust…)

  2. Flying Blue Lion

    Writer Olaf Stapledon speculated in his great novel The Star Maker about stars with consciousness. It was a sequel to Last and First Men. Both are well worth a read!

  3. Plasma life would be djinn, made from smokeless fire, according to the Qur’an. The Flying Saucer Review had one or more long write ups on how UFOs were made of plasma in the 1950s.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Life is not only inside the stars;
    she is the star of the living universe
    Life is replete throughout the universe;
    present, past, future.
    It is in the very fabric of the universe’s being.
    The universe, is after all … living.
    The star of the universe is … life;
    the key to the metaphor.

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